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The UGCC Synod’s message


The Synod’s message for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the legalization of the UGCC, the 65th anniversary of the death of Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptytskyj), and the 25th anniversary of the death of Patriarch Joseph (Slipyj)

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The restoration of unity among all Christians is one of the principal concerns of the Second Vatican Council. Christ the Lord founded one Church and one Church only. However, many Christian communions present themselves to men as the true inheritors of Jesus Christ;

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Guidelines for the Growing Cooperation among the Churches in Europe


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World Ecology Day are celebrated in Ukraine

On 13 September, the Ecumenical Commission of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church traditionally organized of the World Ecology Day of the Creator.

After the pray for the conservation of nature on that day in Kyiv were held round table «The Christian faith in shaping environmental culture and responsibility». Participants from Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as public and private environmental organizations tried to discuss about how to improve the culture of population and protection of the natural heritage of Ukraine.

His Beatitude, card. Lubomyr (Husar) open the round table with his introductory words. After that dr Volodymyr Sheremeta, head of the Bureau of UGCC presented greeting letters from Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson; from Ukrainian Government, Ministry of Ecology Policy and Kyiv city administration.

Rev. Dr Ihor Shaban, head of the Ecumenical Commission stressed on faith in shaping environmental culture and responsibility. Also he expressed the need for civilizing and preserve our environment, improving public culture and education conservation attitude to nature.

At the end of the round table, participants accepted working draft resolution, what was send to official representatives Christian Churches, Parliamentary committee and State legislatures.

21.09.2013, 1911 просмотров.

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