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The UGCC Synod’s message


The Synod’s message for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the legalization of the UGCC, the 65th anniversary of the death of Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptytskyj), and the 25th anniversary of the death of Patriarch Joseph (Slipyj)

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The restoration of unity among all Christians is one of the principal concerns of the Second Vatican Council. Christ the Lord founded one Church and one Church only. However, many Christian communions present themselves to men as the true inheritors of Jesus Christ;

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Guidelines for the Growing Cooperation among the Churches in Europe


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* -> News UGCC -> Meetings of the European Episcopal Commission for Media to take place in the Vatican

Meetings of the European Episcopal Commission for Media to take place in the Vatican

Meetings of the European Episcopal Commission for Media to take place in the VaticanOver 100 participants, including bishops, who are responsible for the means of public communication of the European Episcopal Conferences, press secretaries and representatives of Episcopal Conferences, and also representatives of popular Internet social service sites, like the multilingual network encyclopedia Wikipedia, the video service YouTube, the social network site FaceBook, and others, are meeting in the Vatican during the Plenary Assembly of the European Episcopal Commission for Media, which will be conducted from November 12 to 15, 2009. The commission is part of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences and gathers every three years.

The theme of the current assembly is «The Internet Culture and Church Communication.» Other topics to be examined include the implications of the Internet on the mission of Church, the new culture spread by the Internet, how the Internet has entered into the daily pastoral activity of the dioceses and parishes, and also how the church can succeed in transmitting the Christian message into the present interactive culture. The participants will familiarize themselves with the present changes in the Internet networks, and also with the ways of using the networks, in particular by the youth, which is becoming a real «internet generation,» and will examine the implications of the «digital revolution» on life of the church, on the change of religious practices of believers, etc.

From the side of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Reverend Bishop Taras (Sen'kiv), head of the Committee of Public Communications and Culture and Fr. Pavlo Khud, head of the Metropolitan commission of social communication, will participate in the meetings of the European Episcopal Commission for Media.

18.11.2009, 1906 просмотров.

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